Technology Approach

Plug-and Play Tools and Bespoke Solutions.

The Usustain Platform is designed as a PaaS (Platform as a Service). It has the capability to build and host cloud-based sustainability software solutions through off-the-shelf products and bespoke effort.

At its core are the common set of Databases, Analysis Engines and Functional Modules. Functional Modules are combined in various ways to take the shape of different Tools. Our Tools are overlaid with audience- appropriate Visualisation/ Reporting layer.

Our technology practice is guided by the mission to maximise the adoption to sustainability practice by: reducing cost and effort of deployment. We strive to improve our analysis and visualisation of our analysis by including latest scientific data.

Through the Usustain Platform, Climate Miles seeks to enable the creation of shared value in the sustainability ecosystem by aligning both upstream and downstream partners. We actively look for opportunities to collaborate with other consulting organisations to facilitate the success and the spread of sustainability practice.

Our products THE HIVE tm, Futureproof tm and Carbonfaqtors tm are based on this approach to designing and building software that enables sustainability