Creating an ecosystem of sustainability solution providers

The 'Sustainability Sector' is still a new and emerging field. Its frameworks, support systems, linkages - inward, outward and parallel - are still to be fully formed. Climate Miles has now been in business long enough to witness first-hand the developments in this nascent sector over the last few years. We attribute our own survival to a high level of motivation, persistence, creativity and imagination. Along the way, we have developed certain hypotheses that shape our thoughts and actions:

  • Sustainability effects individuals, businesses, governments, and all other institutions. Impactful actions are possible at various points, and covers a range of solutions from planting trees to 3D printing
  • For an entrepreneur with a creative and imaginative mind, this is an ideal sector to foray into, as the scope of innovation is high
  • However, the world-over and across all sectors, the success rate of start-ups is known to be very low
  • In the case of the sustainability sector, this is further compounded by the fact that since the customer-touch points are so diverse, the services offered by a small/start-up sustainability company can often seem too niche, fragmented, and not offer the entire solution to a problem
  • The way forward is to create an ecosystem of solution providers who work collaboratively
  • Climate change is the biggest driver for current spurt in sustainability businesses. Climate change is not just a business opportunity - it is a clear and present crisis facing human civilization, and all businesses in this space are duty-bound to sublimate their personal ambitions to the larger goal of responding to climate change. We have a saying in Climate Miles, 'Competition is good; and good competition needs to be encouraged.'

One of our missions is to create an ecosystem of sustainability solution providers. We look not just for new customers/ clients, but also for new partners. Read the story of some of the highly motivated individuals that we have formed partnerships with:



(In Alphabetical order )

Joe Kent

Climate Miles USA

Joe Kent is a current member of the Climate Miles Team who is working to bring our products and service to the Western market. He joined Climate Miles in Bangalore as an intern in January 2014, eager to learn about sustainability and consulting the industry. With mentorship from founders Mo and Jaya, he is now leading the operations in the United States as co-founder of Climate Miles USA.

Climate Miles USA is our Hawaii-based subsidiary focused on adapting sustainability software, consulting, and education services to the specific needs of the market in the United States. While our values and approach remain the same, CM USA incorporates American market dynamics, customs, technology, and regulations into its service offerings. We offer sustainability consulting and software solutions using U-Sustain, Climate Miles, flagship sustainability management platform. CM USA is pursuing partnerships within the Lodging and Tourism Industry, with Environmental Health and Safety companies, the Hawaii State Government and in other sectors to support the wide-spread adoption of sustainable business practices. We are also exploring partnerships with non-profit organizations and business incubators to leverage the EcoSlate learning program in sustainability education programs in the USA.

Service Offerings :

Climate Miles USA provides environmental auditing, sustainability consulting and software management solutions. We also offer sustainability education programs and guidance on green certifications.

Get in touch with Joe directly at:

email: alfred.kent@climatemiles.com

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/joe-kent/2a/602/aa6

Website: www.sscollaboration.com




Nidhi is a practicing architect & a serious dabbler - always ready to experiment and innovate.

With curiosity & passion driving her varied interests, Nidhi has worked on everything from exhibit design to architectural journalism. She started her career as an intern at Auroville; it opened her mind to the architectural world, with an admiration for details. This followed with zoo planning and design, which gave her an opportunity to explore beyond human ergonomics. Later, a stint in an architectural firm, gave an insight into what it is to get things built.

After pursuing her masters, Nidhi discovered her analytical skills in doing research and whole building analysis for glass facade buildings. Currently she chooses and work on projects of her own interest and prefers an interdisciplinary team to work with.

"I believe making and breaking boundaries are both human endeavours. I believe boundaries are created by us- degree, study, experience - what lies beneath is a constant urge to learn and explore new horizons."

Relationship with Climate Miles

From first being mentored by Mohan for her thesis on 'Evaluating architectural interventions in reducing carbon footprint of dairy industry', Nidhi has gone on to collaborate on projects of mutual interest.

Jaya is someone, who pushed me to develop the ideas and give them the form. With In depth understanding of number game of climate change, she guides you through bottlenecks.

Nidhi is an enthusiastic partner in Climate Mile's Green Office/ Building LCA related projects.

"The team at Climate Miles is what makes me excited to associate with them - young, thoughtful & ready to experiment with new ideas."

Service Offerings

Divided under 3 verticals:-

• Zoo Exhibit Design - Going beyond human ergonomics, Animal Architecture is an ongoing investigation into ways of design. The project operates on the edge between humans and our surrounding "others" -- illuminating alternative ways of living with nonhuman animals, discussing cross-species collaborations, and defining new frameworks through which to discuss biologic design.

• Environmental Architecture-In the backdrop of climate contextual design, an approach to understand it through building information modeling (BIM). An interesting way to deal with built forms using analytical skills & software. Building information modelling (BIM) & Simulation - Catering to the need to benchmark the energy utilized by a building with all specification, software is used. Electricity usage based on heat gains & losses due to radiation, transmission & conductance over a facade can we estimated accurately. This gives us a guideline where Design & materials can be altered to conserve energy. Environmental design - Sensitive architecture, which includes a thorough microclimatic analysis as a starting point. An in dept study of daylight & Wind patterns to design built form in context to climate.

• Life Cycle analysis of Built form -Endeavour to infuse conscious choosing of building material while conceptualizing Built Form. Selection of materials using concepts of embodied energy , Carbon Footprint & Life Cycle analysis.

Get in touch with Nidhi directly at:

email: ar.nidhi.dixit@gmail.com / nidhi.dixit1986@gmail.com

Linkedin: in.linkedin.com/pub/ar-nidhi-dixit/24/a78/349/



Rohit Prakash

Sustianability Education & Products with Low Ecological Footprint

Rohit is the founder of i-dream (an environment education company for schools) and co-founder at Earthen Me (an eco-fashion lifestyle brand). While i-dream focuses on building Sustainable Schools, Earthen Me's focus area is to help consumers adopt sustainability using lifestyle products with reduced ecological footprint.

Prior to starting the two companies, Rohit graduated in electronics engineering followed by an MBA from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. He then joined Marico Industries, and worked in both Sales and Marketing for close to 18 months before he chose to work in the environment sector and make some measurable impact.

Rohit is involved in making education content, delivering training and business development which also involves understanding the market, creating marketing strategies and sales.

Relationship with Climate Miles

Rohit first met the team from Climate Miles with a simple idea to incorporate a lesson on Carbon Footprinting for the schools. After many discussions and thought provoking sessions, the relationship has become so strong that i-dream and Climate Miles eventually integrated their work into one as far as schools are concerned. i-dream now handles EcoSlate, which is a thought developed by Climate Miles.

If Rohit has any mentor in this field, it is Mohan with whom Rohit has shared a close relationship and continuously seeks his advice on how to grow the organization and most importantly despite of all the hardships, how to stay in the game.

Service Offerings

• EcoSlate - Sustainability Education for Schools - A program designed to help a schools become sustainable over a period of time. The program modules include Carbon Footprinting and reduction pathways, Energy Audit and efficiency improvements, Water Audit and efficiency improvements, Waste Audit and Setting up Waste Management System, Bio-diversity Audit and maintenance, Indoor Air Quality Measurement and purification, Food audit and rationlisation.

• Earthen Me - Earthen Me is India's first eco-fashion brand making eco-friendly products using natural fiber or upcycled waste.

Get in touch with Rohit Prakash directly at:

email: rohit@simplygreens.com OR rohitp@earthenme.com

Linkedin: www.in.linkedin.com/in/prakashrohit

Website: www.simplygreens.com ORwww.earthenme.com